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Università degli Studi di Salerno

Seat of the associated EnSiEL University

Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132 84074, Fisciano (SA), Italy



EnSiEL Section

c/o Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale (DIIn)
via Giovanni Paolo II, 132
84074, Fisciano (SA), ITALY
(+39) 089 964284
(+39) 089 962334

Mission and research areas of the EnSiEL section

The EnSiEL Section in Salerno is composed of approximately 12 researchers including professors, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral students, and technical staff in the SSD ING-IND/33 – Electrical Systems for Energy. It manages three research laboratories, in addition to collaborating with various inter-university and public-private consortia. The Systems group conducts research primarily in the areas of production, distribution, management, and use of electric energy and electrified transport. Most of the research is carried out in the context of national and international collaborations with public and private universities and research centers, as well as partnerships with companies, using private, European, national, and regional funding allocated through selective procedures. Specifically, the research activities of the Systems group focus on the synthesis of solutions for the planning, management, and control of Smart Grids in the presence of distributed generation. Particular attention is paid to renewable energy production systems, for which methods have been developed for maximizing production and strategies for power system management based on microgrids have been identified. In order to increase the levels of operational continuity, research is underway to intelligently manage the growing demand for electric energy, also determined by new types of users, such as electric vehicles, through technological solutions and innovative methods such as Demand Side Management and Demand Response strategies. Research is also carried out in collaboration with companies aimed at intelligent energy management and energy efficiency in the tertiary and domestic sectors according to the smart-house and smart building paradigm as defined by recent European regulations. In the field of transport systems, the Systems group collaborates with infrastructure managers on the monitoring and management of facilities and with production companies for the development of tools and solutions aimed at energy efficiency based on the integration of ICT and Storage Systems. Finally, research is being conducted on the impact on the electric grid of charging systems and on the intelligent management of stations with integrated solutions for accessing charging services. Last but not least, the Salerno unit has been active in the field of electrified transport systems since the early 1990s, developing research activities on fixed installations and onboard conversion systems for metropolitan, tram, and railway systems, also focusing on the impact of power supply systems on distribution networks in urban areas. In the last decade, research in the sector has also focused on the powertrain of electric vehicles and charging systems, as well as their integration into distribution electricity networks. In this case, the activities are carried out within a funded research context, developed both with local companies and multinationals. A research strand on ERTMS/ETCS signaling systems is also active in the railway sector, carried out within a series of projects developed in collaboration with RFI – Italian Railway Network.


Rappresentante di ateneo e responsabile di sezione
Vincenzo Galdi
Tel: (+39) 089964284
Mob: (+39) 3288926127
Fax: (+39) 089962334

Affiliated professors

Vito Calderaro
Tel: (+39) 089964295
Fax: (+39) 089962334
Giuseppe Graber
Giuseppe Graber
Tel: (+39) 089964290
Pierluigi Siano
Tel: (+39) 089964294
Fax: (+39) 0899642334
Antonio Piccolo
Professore Emerito
Antonio Piccolo
Tel: (+39) 089964296
E-Distribuzione ed Ensiel in sinergia per progetti di ricerca innovativi sui sistemi elettrici