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EnSiEL - Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale "Energia e Sistemi Elettrici"

EnSiEL is an organization of Italian public universities operating in the energy, electrical systems, and electrical plants sector.

It is a non-profit research body founded in 2007 (pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 91 of Presidential Decree no. 382/80, as amended by Article 12 of Law 705/85). EnSiEL is recognized and supervised by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) and has legal personality, granted by Ministerial Decree MIUR of 15.04.2009 – Official Gazette no. 105, of 08.05.2009.

The Consortium’s governance is entrusted to the Board of Directors, in which representatives of the MUR and the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) also participate; the Consortium is overseen by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

To achieve its purposes, the Consortium relies on human, scientific, and instrumental resources of the associated Universities and may proceed with the establishment and management of its own Sections and Research Laboratories at the associated Universities; it may open Research Laboratories and Representation Offices in Italy and abroad.


The Consortium has the following aims:

  • promote and coordinate studies and research in the field of Energy, Electrical Systems, and Electrical Plants in accordance with national and international research programs;

  • contribute, also through the granting of scholarships and research grants, to the training of expert researchers in the field of Energy, Electrical Systems, and Electrical Plants;

  • foster collaboration among the associated Universities and between these and national and international Research Institutes and Industries;

  • carry out concerted action to provide multidisciplinary support to those working in the design, implementation, use, and management of electrical systems, plants, and apparatus for energy, with the possibility of extending the initiative internationally;

  • promote and facilitate initiatives aimed at education and training in the fields of Energy, Electrical Systems, and Electrical Plants, including master’s programs;

  • position itself as a scientific interlocutor towards various National Government Bodies, Regions, Municipalities, the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and the Environment (ARERA), standardization bodies, as well as all public and private institutions operating in the field of Energy, Electrical Systems, and Electrical Plants.

EnSiEL benefits from the extensive research experience of its embers. The number, qualifications, and specialties of the researchers from the associated Universities enable EnSiEL to play a key role in research with broad knowledge and expertise.


The EnSiEL Consortium is:

  • committed to integrity and scientific independence, and to promoting scientific progress and innovation;
  • committed to informing and facilitating dialogue among scientists, decision-makers, and the public, supporting decisions and actions for the benefit of Society and the Environment;
  • committed to encouraging convergence to promote new and creative ideas and to ensure that studies, analyses, and evaluations effectively respond to the needs of society;
  • opposed to corporatist activities.

Fields of activity

The EnSiEL Consortium focuses on:

  • Electric Power Generation in interconnected and isolated systems (fossil, nuclear, renewable – concentrated and distributed);
  • Electric Power Transmission Systems (especially smart grids);
  • Electric Power Distribution Systems (especially microgrids and smart grids);
  • Electricity Markets;
  • Flexibility and optimal use of system resources;
  • Energy Storage Systems;
  • End uses of Electric Power;
  • Electric Transportation Systems;
  • Electric Vehicles;
  • Electrical Technologies and Components.


E-Distribuzione ed Ensiel in sinergia per progetti di ricerca innovativi sui sistemi elettrici