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Università degli Studi del Sannio

Seat of the associated EnSiEL University

Piazza Guerrazzi 82100, Benevento, Italy



EnSiEL Section

c/o Dipartimento di Ingegneria (DING)
Piazza Roma, 21
82100, Benevento, ITALY
(+39) 0824 305580
(+39) 0824 325246

Mission and research areas of the EnSiEL section

The research group of the Benevento Section is engaged in the definition of innovative techniques and methodologies for the analysis and integration, harmonization, and control of various phases of the process of generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy.

In particular, the main research activities concern the prediction of wind plant generation, robust optimization of electrical networks in the presence of uncertainty, the application of advanced methodologies for thermal rating, the development of decentralized and cooperative architectures for the control of smart grids, as well as the development of advanced information systems for synchronized monitoring and control of these grids

Prediction of Wind Power Plant Generation

Activities in this area consist of developing grey-box prediction architectures that integrate computational intelligence techniques with NWP models. Further research aims to experimentally characterize various white-box, black-box, and grey-box approaches in the field of short- and long-term predictions of energy produced by variable renewable power generators.

Robust Optimization in the Presence of Uncertainties

In this field, research activities are focused on the development of advanced methodologies based on Interval Computing techniques, such as interval mathematics and affine arithmetic, which enable effective processing of uncertain variables in network studies such as power flow calculation, resolution of optimal power flow problems, and robust control in the presence of high penetration of renewable energy sources.

Paradigms for Dynamic Calculation of the Thermal Rating of Network Components

The Benevento Section, also in collaboration with the national transmission operator (Terna), is involved in the development and application of advanced information processing paradigms for the optimal management of transmission electrical networks in WAMPACS domains, which allow the reliable implementation of asset management policies aimed at increasing their utilization rate.

Holistic and Cooperative Decentralized Architectures for Controlling Smart Grids

Another part of the research activities is focused on the development of distributed frameworks with proactive agents that integrate fault diagnosis techniques along with autonomous behavior in identifying effective recovery strategies and solutions that can increase network resilience.

Advanced Information Systems for Synchronized Monitoring and Control of Smart Grids

In this context, the group is engaged in research on effective countermeasures to increase the resilience of synchronized SGs, whose satellite-based timing signals can be extremely vulnerable to radio frequency interference (RFI).


Alfredo Vaccaro
University representative and section manager
Alfredo Vaccaro
Tel: (+39) 0824305563
Fax: (+39) 0824324256

Affiliated professors

Fabrizio De Caro
Fabrizio De Caro
Type B Time Researcher - RTDB
Adam John Collin
Silvia Iuliano
E-Distribuzione ed Ensiel in sinergia per progetti di ricerca innovativi sui sistemi elettrici