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EnSiEL Section

Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienze Applicate

Mission and research areas of the EnSiEL section

The EnSiEL Section of the University of Bergamo includes several competences that focus on research for the intelligent management of electricity and energy efficiency in smart homes, smart buildings and the tertiary sector; intelligent management and optimization of charging systems for electric vehicles. Further research topics are addressed to Prosumer through the management of demand response, energy communities, thanks to blockchain technology.

The energy factor in smart homes/buildings is one of the main elements, but it is certainly not the only one. Intelligent building security and protection systems combine solutions and services, but also technological solutions that guarantee the right comfort, as well as ensuring the well-being and health of those who live there. The main topics are: Building devices and solutions, which include energy generation, energy efficiency, safety and security. safety technologies and systems that ensure the comfort, safety and health of the occupants. Automation technologies, including plant-connected sensor solutions for data collection, and actuators that execute the commands processed by plant control and management platforms. The latter covers the hardware and software components of the Smart Building management and control infrastructure, including data collection, processing and analysis software. Finally, the theme of Connectivity: the means of communication, wireless or wired, that allows communication between sensors, actuators and the control and management platform.

The group also carries out research activities for conventional and advanced plant solutions for the production of electricity and heat, of various sizes. The group has experience in experimental and modelling activities aimed at evaluating the performance of complex energy systems, to increase their energy efficiency.


Mariacristina Roscia
Universities representative and section responsible
Mariacristina Roscia
Tel: +39 0352052036

Affiliated professors

Giovanna Barigozzi
Giovanna Barigozzi
Tel: +39 0352052317
Paolo Giangrande
Paolo Giangrande
E-Distribuzione ed Ensiel in sinergia per progetti di ricerca innovativi sui sistemi elettrici